Engine Diagnostics and Fault Code Reading



Cars today contain computers in most of their systems.  It is not only the complicated systems such as the ABS (Anti Lock Brake System) but the simpler ones such as windscreen wipers, door locks, lights etc that are module controlled.

 Vehicles are fitted with a multitude of sensors which read the various systems such as the oil level. Any faults alert the computer to illuminate a dashboard warning light to let you know your car has a problem. Other sensor failures appear as a fault code in your car's computer. Not all are governed by a warning light on your dash. Sometimes they will appear when a component stops working - others when the system is read by the appropriate tool during routine servicing.

In order to diagnose these faults you will need to visit a garage that has a fully trained mechanics with access to the appropriate equipment to diagnose faults on that system. Independent garages such as N C Motors have Dealer Level equipment or a generic equivalent for various manufacturers. It is equally important that the mechanic has received the correct training to interpret the data in order to diagnose the fault.

We are a specialist Mercedes Benz diagnostic garage  

Some routine service items require you to plug in to the on board computer and reset or configure the system, On some vehicles you need to tell  the computer you have replaced parts for example - an air filter so that it can adapt its fuelling strategy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Another piece of software that we operate allows us to code new replacement keys for most electronic ignition and immobilising systems.

As the diagnostic equipment is completely mobile and handheld, we can undertake engine fault diagnosis either at our workshop or at your home or business premises at your convenience